Before I forget

Do you often forget appointments?
Do you often check e-mails first thing in the morning?

Do you find regular calendar apps too distracting and fiddly?
Do you find regular calendar apps not easily cross-platform?
(AKA not easily switchable between different devices)

Do you find regular calendar apps not easily portable [take with you]?

That is what is for! 🙂

It’s a free web-based app that will automatically e-mail you first thing in the morning (at a time specified by you) All of your appointments for that day! (without a platform specific app)!

From anywhere in the world, and on any device (so long as it has a working web browser)!

All you have to do is Sign-up, configure :
(like in the screenshot below)

And add your appointments!
(like in the screenshot below)

And that’s it!

☑ No software to download,
☑ No apps to use

☑ No fiddling about with different apps or devices
☑ No complications with synchronization.

It’s all done via this website (handsfree)!

Wherever you are in the world.
Whatever device you are using.

And it’s free!

So to sign-up today!

And get your daily schedule, first thing in the am 🙂
Right in your e-mail inbox!

And make forgetting appointments a thing of the past!


With us, your personal data is always private and confidential.
we do not use it for purposes other than the basic operation of this web-site.
we do not share your info with any other third parties.


It’s 100% secure as certified by [>>> CLICK HERE <<<] for more info 🙂

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